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What's In A Name?
A Brand You Can Trust:
Innovation Is Our Middle Name. It Can Be Yours Too.

Coldwell Banker National Advertising Plan:

Television. Video. Online. Digital. Outdoor. Print. For all the different forms of Media out there, Coldwell Banker is right in the middle of it all, creating top of mind brand awareness, at NO COST TO YOU:
  • Television Media:
    • Yearly changing commercials run during popular & product minded shows on cable television

  • Online Promotion:
    • Promotion & implementation of On Location, Coldwell Banker's official YouTube page
    • A digital video on & Tremor Media
    • Banners on "property" content based sites like &
    • Massive Search Engine Marketing throughout the year on:
      Google MSN
      Yahoo Bing
    • Display banners on MSN, Yahoo & AOL

  • Just a Few of the Extras:
    • Digital Billboards
    • REALTOR® Magazine full page ads and Wall Street Journal new ads
    • So MUCH more!