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Janel Hoffmann, Broker (Corvallis Office) Janel Hoffmann, Broker (Corvallis Office) - "I know I made the right choice when I got into Real Estate and had the opportunity to work here. Since the day I walked through the doors I was met with enthusiastic positive people who have enriched my life in so many ways. Even as a new agent, the staff and brokers here helped me in a way that made me feel I could succeed! We help each other with situations that arise in our industry and there is always an open door and someone to talk to. With Transaction Coordinator Sue watching out for me and our amazing Advertising Executive Nicki marketing my listings I get to spend my time meeting people, showing property, getting listings, and selling homes. We share ideas and thoughts and know that by doing this we are helping ourselves as a whole. We are independent contractors but the camaraderie in this office is priceless and I would never think about running my business anywhere but here. I attribute my success to the nationally recognized name and the amazing agents and staff in our office. I am truly blessed to be part of this organization that I call my family."

Patty Brown, Broker (Corvallis Office) Patty Brown, Broker (Corvallis Office) - "Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers is a wonderfully unique and special place to work! We are individuals running our own businesses, yet we enjoy an underlying camaraderie of team work; keeping a healthy balance of fun and professionalism. From our exceptional training and education to our top notch staff support, we value respect, integrity and honesty. It has become my home away from home and I feel very blessed to work with so many amazing people."

Kim (Turpin) Knudsen, Broker ABR, CRS (Corvallis Office) Kim (Turpin) Knudsen, Broker ABR, CRS (Corvallis Office) - "I love that we have a great group of people here at CBVB. Unlike a lot of other real estate companies, CBVB is a very sharing and helpful environment where you can bounce ideas off of people and get real help. I feel fortunate to work where there is such a fun and supportive work environment!"
Dava Behrens, Broker (Corvallis Office) Dava Behrens, Broker (Corvallis Office) - Why I like it at Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers?
I'm often asked, why Coldwell Banker? There are a number of reasons… the atmosphere at Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers is pretty special… the principal brokers are approachable and helpful, we have phenomenal training and tools. As a company we constantly strive to provide the very best services and are always looking for the very best and newest technology and techniques to bring to our customers. The company acknowledges our accomplishments in our real estate businesses, the community and our personal lives as well. The brokers that are affiliated with our company share in an appropriate manner, what we know and what we learn, about the business (techniques and tools) in order to enhance all of our abilities. We have great staff (front desk, transaction coordinator, advertising director, accounting department) to support our efforts. We work hard but also know how to have fun.

Why Coldwell Banker in general? Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest real estate companies in the US, we have an international presence, the "brand" is known everywhere, all over the country and internationally and are recognized as a power house… the company was started by two real guys, over 100 years ago with the idea of bringing integrity into a market known for its lack of integrity, there's something special about that, that concept of integrity aligns with my way of thinking. Beyond that, Coldwell Banker has the strength and resources to devote to research and development that brings some of the very best in technology, advertising programs and tools to better enhance my business… that's something that can't be done at just any company.